10:30 - 12:30 SESSION 1   (2:00 hours)

Peter Sanders, KIT Karlsruhe, Algorithm Engineering for Large Data Sets, 30MIN

Alexander Mehler, Uni Frankfurt, Big Data in Computational Humanities, 15MIN

Jan Vahrenhold, Uni Münster, Astronomy, 15MIN

Johannes Fischer, KIT Karlsruhe, Succint Data Structures to handle Big Data, 15MIN

Marco Luebecke, RWTH Aachen, Brainstorming on Big Data and Optimization, 15MIN

30 minutes left for discussion / changeover / buffer


13:45 - 15:00 SESSION 2   (1:15 hours)

Gene Myers, MPI-CBG Dresden, TBA, 30MIN

Sven-Eric Shelhorn, MPI Saarbrücken (Lengauer Group), Next-Generation Sequencing, 30MIN

15 minutes left for discussion / changeover / buffer


15:25 - 16:35 SESSION 3   (1:10 hours)

Achim Streit, KIT Karlsruhe, Big-Data Activities at the Steinbruch Centre for Computing, 25MIN

André Brinkmann, Uni Mainz, Distributed Memory Systems, 15MIN

Torsten Hoefler, ETH Zürich, Parallel Software Environments / languages / systems, 15MIN

15 minutes left for discussion / changeover / buffer


17:00 - 18:00 SESSION 4   (1:00 hours)

Christian Scheideler, Uni Paderborn, Distributed Verification, 15MIN

Katharina Zweig, Uni Kaiserslautern, Statistical Models for Big Relational Data, 15MIN

Anand Srivastav and Lasse Kliemann, Uni Kiel, Streaming Algorithms and Parallel Evolutionary Computation in Large Graphs and Hypergraphs 15MIN

15 minutes left for discussion / changeover / buffer

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