During our annual general meetings we also hand out awards for outstanding SPP related work. In addition to a certificate the winners receive some additional financial funding for their project. Here is an overview of the awards in recent years:


Year 2018:

Best Paper Award to Daniel Funke, Sebastian Lamm, Peter Sanders, Christian Schulz, Darren Strash, Moritz von Looz for their outstanding work on "Communication-Free Massively Distributed Graph Generation"  

Interdisciplinary Award to Lina Humbeck, Sebastian Weigang, Till Schäfer, Petra Mutzel, Oliver Koch for their outstanding work on "CHIPMUNK: A Virtual Synthesizable Small‐Molecule Library for Medicinal Chemistry, Exploitable for Protein–Protein Interaction Modulators“

Software Development Award to Sebastian Schlag for his prominent role in the development of the KaHyPar Software  


Year 2017:

Best Paper Award Neha Sengupta, Michael Hamann and Dorothea Wagner for their outstanding work on "Benchmark Generator for Dynamic Overlapping Communities in Networks"  

Best Paper Award to Miriam Schlöter and Martin Skutella for their outstanding work on "Fast and Memory-Efficient Algorithms for Evacuation Problems"  


Year 2016:

Best Paper Award to Yann Disser, Jan Hackfeld and Max Klimm for their outstanding work on "Undirected Graph Exploration with θ(log log n) Pebbles"

Outreach Award to Katharina Zweig for outstanding Public Relations Activities   

Best Paper Award to Dr. Sören Laue  for his outstanding work on "Efficient Embedding of Scale-Free Graphs in the Hyperbolic Plane"

Best Paper Award to Christian Staudt and Henning Meyerhenke for their outstanding work on "Complex Network Analysis on Distributed Systems -An Empirical Comparison"

Best Grant Award to Susanne Albers for an ERC Advanced Grant on  "Algorithmic Performance Guarantees: Foundations and Applications (APEG)"


Year 2015:

Best Paper Award to Katharina Anna Zweig for her outstanding work on "A Custom Computing System for Finding Similarities in Complex Networks"

Best Patent Award to katharina Zweig for her outstanding Development of New Hardware in the Field of Big Data

Best Paper Award to Michael Hamann for his outstanding work on "Fast Quasi-Threshold Editing"

Social Activity Award to Tobias Brinkjost  for his contributions to The New Design of the SPP 1736 Webpage

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